Duncan Lee Hunter

Republican Nominee


This long-time House of Representatives member (first elected in 1980) is hoping to make the leap to the executive branch, and in doing so become the first member of the House to jump straight from Capitol Hill to the White House since James Garfield in 1880. Unfortunately, Duncan Hunter‘s poll numbers remain in single digits nation-wide, and sometimes hit as low as 1% in key early states. Hunter has focused on immigration during his candidacy, going so far as to support the erection of a 700-mile fence between the United States and Mexico. He also focuses on religious issues, and has said he would expand the First Amendment to prevent groups from taking religious symbols away from public buildings. While his supporters are ardent, in a crowded primary field, he has had trouble being heard above the noise. At this point there is little chance that Hunter will ever become the hunted in the 2008 primaries.


Hunter served as an Airborne Ranger during the Vietnam War, earning the Bronze Star for his service. After returning from Vietnam, he went through law school and began practicing law, focusing on legal assistance to the Hispanic community in Southern California. He was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1980 and still serves at a Representative from California. His son, also named Duncan, is a Marine currently deployed in Iraq.