Huckabee-Clinton Test Chart


Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee are not only the most famous natives of Hope, Arkansas, but they have made similar climbs up the state’s political ladder. Each lost their first bid for public office and each served multiple terms as governor before making their first run for president. An asterisk (*) indicates a special election; a pound sign (#) denotes Huckabee’s present age. (He was born on Aug. 24, 1955, almost nine years after Bill Clinton.)

Election Age at Election Office Sought Election Outcome Election Age at Election Office Sought Election Outcome
1974 28 U.S. House Lost 1992 37 U.S. Senator Lost
1976 30 AR Attorney General Won 1993* 38 AR Lt. Governor Won
1978 32 AR Governor Won 1998 43 AR Governor Won
1980 34 AR Governor Lost 2002 47 AR Governor Won
1982 36 AR Governor Won 2008 52# President ?
1984 38 AR Governor Won
1986 40 AR Governor Won
1990 44 AR Governor Won
1992 46 President Won
1996 50 President Won

Source: CQ’s Politics in America (CQ Press).