With 38 gubernatorial contests and 35 Senate races to be decided during the next two years (and with perhaps more to come), there are a ton of names that get bandied about as possible candidates, particularly when there’s more than a year until the possibilities are winnowed down in primaries.

The churn of potential candidates changes almost daily. For instance, in Ohio on Tuesday morning, former Gov. Ted Strickland (D) ruled out a rematch against Gov. John Kasich (R). Later that day, a former Obama administration health care official, Donald Berwick (D), floated the possibility of running for Massachusetts governor. And on it goes.

Throughout the cycle, we’ll keep track of the rumored and actual candidacies on our race rating charts for the gubernatorial and Senate contests (the House, with its 435 races, is too unwieldy to track, but we’ll continue to update our listing of the most competitive contests). We freely admit that, especially in the early going, there might be some names we should add, or possible candidates that we’ve listed who don’t really belong on the list. So we welcome your comments about our running Senate and gubernatorial race charts, which are posted at Please send any additions, subtractions, quibbles and suggestions concerning our lists to We always appreciate hearing from our readers, and your suggestions will help us stay on top of 2014’s daily down-ticket merry-go-round.

We plan to issue formal ratings of all the races soon.