Tweets of the Week

The Crystal Ball’s Tweets of the Week is a look back at the highlights of the past week in politics in snippets of 140 characters or less. To get this analysis as soon as news breaks, follow University of Virginia Center for Politics Director, and Crystal Ball founder, Larry Sabato on Twitter by clicking here.

9:31 AM May 27th: A datum here & there can really grab you. From new CBS poll: Only 9% think “Most members of Congress deserve reelection”; 82% want “new ppl”

9:33 AM May 27th: Remember, though, that most voters separate THEIR member from “all those others”. General condemnation does not = slaughter of incumbents.

9:35 AM May 27th: 1 more from CBS: After all the pub, just 27% know enough to have any real opinion about E Kagan. We always overestimate how much ppl care.

9:53 PM May 29th: Imagine 2 for lunch, Senate Dining Rm: Blumenthal talks about his nonexistent Vietnam service while Kirk shows off his nonexistent medal.

12:08 AM May 30th: Attn pols who lie about military record. Follow Cadet Mahoney’s ex in Police Academy: “I served but not in this lifetime.” Can’t be checked.

9:04 PM May 30th: Smart move by Ed Case(D-HI). He drops out, earns credits for future Senate race. Colleen Hanabusa(D) now mortal threat to new Rep. Djou(R).

9:18 PM May 30th: Controversy doesn’t take the toll it used to. Exhibit A: Blumenthal (D-CT); Exhibit B: Paul (R-KY). Both still ahead. Prob, N.Haley(R-SC)too

10:38 AM May 31st: On Mem Day we all have a favorite vet. Mine: my late Dad. Just had framed his WWII mementos from seizing Hitler’s HQ, Fritzlau,Germany,4/45.

10:39 AM May 31st: Headed for a museum for public display. Dad would’ve loved it. Here’s to you & your loyal WWII buddies, most long gone. Miss ya, Dad.

11:22 AM May 31st: Legit topics 4 Obama criticism: Growing debt bomb, health care, BP. Silly topics: Sestak matter, Mem Day venue choice. Serious vs. trivial.

12:05 PM May 31st: Obama criticisms: My tweeps mainly agree with me on Mem Day & disagree on Sestak. They say latter proves Obama’s purist rhetoric is phony.

12:07 PM May 31st: I see the point. But every POTUS tells us he’ll have the most ethical admin ever. I just always chuckle & discount it.

11:40 AM Jun 1st: Could anyone have guessed that the Clintons’ marriage would last longer than the Gores’?

10:14 PM Jun 1st: NM GOV (R)–So much for dynasty politics in the Land of Enchantment. Pete Domenici, Jr., son of ex-SEN, finishing FAR out of the running.

10:15 PM Jun 1st: AL GOV (D)–Major upset occurring, Ag.Com.Ron Sparks over Rep. Artur Davis. No 1st African-American GOV for AL in 2010.

11:09 PM Jun 1st: NM GOV–To my memory, Diane Denish(D)-Susana Martinez(R) matchup will be only 3rd all woman contest for state governor.

9:42 AM Jun 2nd: Last night’s primaries were fun, tweeps. And to think they were just an appetizer for June 8’s Super-Duper Over-the-Top Tuesday (SDOTT) !

10:27 AM Jun 2nd: REALITY CHECK: “Anti-incumbent wave” has swept out FOUR members of Congress so far. Re-nominated number of members as of 6/3: 103.