Tweets of the Week

The Crystal Ball’s Tweets of the Week is a look back at the highlights of the past week in politics in snippets of 140 characters or less. To get this analysis as soon as news breaks, follow University of Virginia Center for Politics Director, and Crystal Ball founder, Larry Sabato on Twitter by clicking here.

10:39 AM Jul 1st: Left searching for ’12 D primary opponent for Sen. Ben Nelson(D-NE). If Gov. Dave Heineman(R) is GOP SEN nominee, D choice prob won’t matter

10:40 AM Jul 1st: Politically, 3 of DNC choices for ’12 convo make sense, in this order: Charlotte, St. Louis, Cleveland. Minneapolis, far less so.

10:42 AM Jul 1st: Tough for Sept. convo to have any real effect on Nov. vote. But NC so close in ’08, if ’12 is similar, Obama might get slight boost from CLT

10:44 AM Jul 1st: Same argument for MO, though state is tougher for Obama overall. Big Ohio less likely to be influenced by convo. MN=guaranteed D anyway

9:49 PM Jul 2nd: Michael Steele now faces his biggest challenge in holding onto RNC Chair. Afghan comments yield resign calls from Kristol, Erickson, NR, etc

10:00 PM Jul 2nd: TJ made error in Declaration, using ‘subjects’ instead of ‘citizens’. Hmm. ‘Subjects’ of BP in Gulf might see TJ as Nostradamus!

10:03 PM Jul 2nd: 129 yrs ago today, Pres. Garfield shot. No one remembers, just like McKinley. Polar opposite of Lincoln & Kennedy.

9:37 AM Jul 6th: Who says party ppl can’t be bipartisan? RGA re-sends DGA $$ #s released late Fri. Why? b/c RGA raised $18.9m to DGA’s $9.1m in 2nd q.

9:49 AM Jul 6th: Dems doing well for $$$ in House & Senate, but for Govs, less so. Could make difference in some races w/24 open statehouses.

10:08 AM Jul 6th: Best D slogan for 2010: “Give the Guy a Chance” (Reagan & GOP, ’82) Best R slogan for 2010: “Time for a Mid-Course Correction”. Tweeps?

10:13 AM Jul 6th: My favorite all-time slogan: “He’s just like you, only better.” No one’s ever used it, but that’s how many candidates think.

10:22 AM Jul 6th: Could SC Green Party nominee Tom Clements finish ahead of Al Greene (D)? It’s possible. Sen. Jim DeMint (R) wins easily in any event.

10:39 AM Jul 6th: Hmm. Suppose Senate after Nov. 2 is 49D, 50R, and Charlie Crist(I). One guess which party’s caucus he’d choose. VP + 50D = control.