Tweets of the Week

The Crystal Ball’s Tweets of the Week is a look back at the highlights of the past week in politics in snippets of 140 characters or less. To get this analysis as soon as news breaks, follow University of Virginia Center for Politics Director, and Crystal Ball founder, Larry Sabato on Twitter by clicking here.

3:21 PM Mar 18th: Looking forward to UVA Center4Politics Dome Room panel, 6:30 pm, POTUS image-making from JFK-Camelot to 50 years on.

3:26 PM Mar 18th: Our guests:Maria Cardona(H.Clinton’08);CBS/Slate’s John Dickerson;Frank Donatelli(McCain’08);Barbara Perry(Jackie K);author Richard Reeves.

12:02 PM Mar 19th: Military option big risk 4 any POTUS. Positive polls can fade fast if costs in blood & treasure escalate. & When has air power alone worked?

12:07 PM Mar 19th: Will both houses of Congress vote on the U.S. Libyan venture? How exactly will it be paid for–from our enormous surplus? Just asking.

12:52 PM Mar 19th: Where you stand depends on where you sit. HClinton says Admin. won’t go to Congress. Now what would Dems have said if Bush had done same?

7:28 PM Mar 19th: USA Day One #Libya: 100 cruise missiles @ $1m/each = $110 million. Just baseline expense. How much more before it’s over?

10:04 AM Mar 20th: So #Libya adventure has no clearly defined outcome, is open-ended, & will be very costly. Other than that, it’s just about perfect.

10:05 PM Mar 20th: I’ve never heard such a muddle of half-explanations and weak reassurances on Sunday talk shows–& this was from #Libya adventure BACKERS.

2:16 PM Mar 21st: Now comes Pawlenty(formally).Both “MN nice” and “MN boring”.Crystal Ball’s recent size-up=T-Paw right behind Romney.

11:28 AM Mar 23rd: #RIP Elizabeth Taylor.In VA memories are political. Liz literally elected U.S. Sen.John Warner,who won by a mere 4,721 votes in ’78.

11:32 AM Mar 23rd: I recall ’78 events where 90% came out to see Liz Taylor, not candidate. Made all the difference. Warner was substitute nominee, needed aid.

11:38 AM Mar 23rd: Liz bored quickly of politics, was gone before John Warner’s first reelection in ’84. Warner no longer Mr. Elizabeth Taylor.

11:42 AM Mar 23rd: Liz tried to be deferential but clearly disagreed with Warner’s views on some issues. Was known to mutter dissent occasionally.

11:45 AM Mar 23rd: Thanks in part to Liz, Warner was called ‘the Senator from central casting’–but went on to distinguished, respected Senate career.

11:50 AM Mar 23rd: Today we welcome Cong. Bobby Scott to Politics101.Will Scott pull a Kaine & announce Senate bid in college class? Don’t know.Will tell.