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10:03 AM Mar 24th: “Enhanced interrogation techniques” has a brother in Jay Carney’s new definition of Libya war: “time-limited,scope-limited military action”

10:04 AM Mar 24th: Love those war euphemisms!

9:48 AM Mar 27th: Sec’y Gates says obvious: Libya “not vital interest of US, not imminent threat to US.” Yet Libya adventure costing billions US doesn’t have.

9:49 AM Mar 27th: We’re in era of zero-sum budgeting. When yr favorite domestic programs are cut even more, be sure to give some credit to Libya adventure.

2:32 PM Mar 27th: If naivete about #redistricting could be converted into gasoline, the price of gas would fall $2.

2:57 PM Mar 27th: Can’t take politics out of #redistricting. Even maps drawn by kids with crayons make political choices, in effect.

3:01 PM Mar 27th: Always winners & losers in #redistricting. Always agendas–open or hidden–by those doing line-drawing. Black & white hats? Try all gray.

3:06 PM Mar 27th: Tenured academics (like me) should at least be aware of hypocrisy when insisting that politicians never try to tenure themselves in.

7:34 PM Mar 28th: Our “effort” in Libya…another euphemism for war.

7:40 PM Mar 28th: Partial disagreement with Sec’y Gates. POTUS says Libya war in “our national interests.” Gates said “not in our VITAL national interests.”

7:45 PM Mar 28th: POTUS claiming NATO control saves USA money. We’ll see. Depends on length of war.

7:50 PM Mar 28th: So when will USA get involved in these “humanitarian efforts?” Fuzzy. Whenever POTUS says so? Will Congress be involved? Not this time.

7:54 PM Mar 28th: Would Sen. Obama have approved this “effort” had Pres. Bush undertaken it w/out Congress’ approval? We all know the answer.

8:05 PM Mar 28th: Short term, long term: Libya adventure will be messy & full of ambiguities–just like the Mideast in the modern era.

11:49 AM Mar 29th: Quiet day in Charlottesville. Just pursuing various “humanitarian efforts” that don’t require Tomahawk missiles.

12:32 AM Mar 30th: Notice Marco Rubio didn’t even try to Shermanesque VP question on Nightline. FL + Hispanic + need to jazz up Rs = That’s the ticket.

12:27 PM Mar 30th: “The U.S. must reduce its oil imports,” said President Nixon-Ford-Carter- Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama.