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10:25 a.m., May 5: Tonight’s SC GOP Debate should be called “T-PAW & THE PEANUT GALLERY”. Pawlenty only 1st tier candidate.
10:26 a.m, May 5: Still, it’s good to see the conversation started. Republicans seem more than ready to get on the mark, get set, go. Got to start somehow.
1:08 a.m., May 6: GOP debate: Vast majority were tough questions. Oppo researchers couldn’t have done better. All candidates raked over coals.
1:10 a.m., May 6: Net effect of GOP debate: Nil. Too early, too many exotic contenders on stage. But at least process has begun.
12:10 p.m., May 9: Rep.Donnelly(D-IN) jumps in b/c he thinks Sen.Lugar likely to lose R primary to conservative.This is now Lugar’s best argument to use.
12:14 p.m., May 9: Gingrich’s main challenge: Not substantial baggage and prickly personality, but image as yesterday’s man.
12:45 p.m., May 9: Huntsman may well become MSM’s fave R POTUS candidate(rock’n’roll,mod.politics,Obama amb.,dashing).But Rs don’t much trust most media.
1:11 p.m., May 10: Marriages in politics & Hollywood can be alike: Extraordinary stress, instability, temptations. No wonder so many fail.
1:25 p.m., May 10: Trump’s poll collapse was utterly predictable–and most sensible political people had forecast it.
11:56 a.m., May 11: New Nixon worked, New Coke didn’t. What about New Newt?
11:58 a.m., May 11: Newt’s staff must add nice pill to breakfast each a.m. He’s at his least attractive when he shows professorial irritation & pique.
12:00 p.m., May 11: You can’t go home again & you can’t escape your record. Romney will realize that on health care.
12:01 p.m., May 11: The Daniels dance is getting old. Decision due.