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As we announced two weeks ago, U.Va. Center for Politics Director Larry J. Sabato will be contributing a column every other week to Politico Magazine, which we will be linking to in the Crystal Ball. His second column questions the conventional wisdom that Hillary Clinton may encounter little opposition en route to the 2016 Democratic nomination. — The Editors

Could Hillary Clinton be the next Richard Nixon? Now that’s a provocative question, but it isn’t quite what you think.

The other day, I watched Hillary and Bill Clinton take in their close friend Terry McAuliffe’s inauguration as governor of Virginia. Neither Clinton spoke, but their presence said it all: Virginia, the Mother of Presidents long before it was a modern swing state, will be seeing a lot of the Clintons — and now they have a ready-made home-away-from-home in the gubernatorial mansion that adorns Richmond’s Capitol Square.

Every time you observe the Clintons, you can’t help but ponder the long and winding road of their 40-year electoral saga, beginning with Bill’s unsuccessful 1974 run for Congress in Arkansas. Their lives are so suffused with politics that it seems incredible to consider that Hillary might not run in 2016.

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