22nd Century Scholars

UVA Center for Politics Announces 22nd Century Scholars

Launches New $3 million Internship Endowment as Funding Source for Future

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va – The University of Virginia Center for Politics in partnership with UVA’s Miller Center, Weldon Cooper Center/Sorensen Institute, and Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy have selected 56 students for the newly-created 22nd Century Scholars scholarship program set to launch next week. The Center for Politics has also announced plans for a $3 million endowment, with lead gifts from Eaddo and Peter Kiernan and Teresa Bryce Bazemore and Lenny Bazemore, to create a continuing endowment for this and other internship programs and to serve as a funding source to assist additional students in the future.

The talented UVA undergraduate students (rising second, third, and fourth-years) were selected from a pool of 300 student applicants (most from UVA but some from as far as Harvard University) who lost related summer jobs and internships as a result of the pandemic across a wide spectrum of the public sector including: Capitol Hill (with both Democratic and Republican members); within the Executive Branch (the Department of State, Department of Justice, and USAID); the National Institutes of Health; statehouses; local government; as well as domestic and international non-profits and NGOs.

The first 56 UVA students to pioneer the 22nd Century Scholars program are:

Ellie BowenAbigail QuinnEleanor Thompson
Ann Ashley DanielMicah RucciAlejandro Williams
Tommy DannenfelserGarrett ScocosEllen Yates
Halinta DialloEva SurovellRoark Corson
Kristen GravesKatherine TimothyNidhi Desai
Matthew GreasonElla TynchThomas Driscoll
Jake GreenEleanor WilliamsMartha Gallagher
Tanmay GuptaKathon BettertonMcClain Moran
Ben GustafsonAlexi ComellaChristine Shan
Austin HouckStella ConnaughtonAlec Scicchitano
William KeenBennett CrowJaVori Warren
Grace KurcinaCaroline LambAlixandra Acker
Joria LeKaylee MooreOlivia Burke
Evan LuellenZoe OlbrysShelby Curry
Joshua McCray –
UVA Wise
Daniel PodratskyGarrett Hicks
Denzel MitchellNik PopliBobbi-Angelica Morris
Brian PakStephanie RickerDonovan Rolle
Amanda PallasKelly RoheAlejandro Rush
Aidan ParkerMath Rowe –
UVA Wise

“The public sector badly needs the energy, talent, and fresh perspective of young people. But because of the pandemic, tomorrow’s leaders have lost some of the opportunities they otherwise would have had to make a difference now. Our new 22nd Century Scholars program is a way for us to help these students learn about and remain engaged in the important work of public life,” said Larry J. Sabato, director of the UVA Center for Politics.

Beginning next week and running through the end of July, the students will participate in a first-ever joint public sector summer internship program to be administered by the UVA Center for Politics and its partner organizations in this effort: the Miller Center, the Weldon Cooper Center/Sorensen Institute, and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. Other cooperating units include the UVA Democracy Initiative’s Deliberative Media Lab.

“When Larry Sabato was my undergraduate advisor, his recommendation helped me secure an internship on Capitol Hill. That experience changed my life, and convinced me that public service was worth pursuing. For students who won’t have that experience this summer, I’m honored that the Miller Center gets to work with our colleagues at UVA to provide those experiences during this disruptive time,” said Bill Antholis, director of the Miller Center.

This 2020 virtual summer internship is made possible through emergency funding provided by the Larry J. Sabato Foundation and the Peter and Eaddo Kiernan Foundation with additional support from Sonja Hoel Perkins, McGuireWoods Consulting, Michael Greenwald, Larry Schack and Katie Shaw, Erik Hirsch, and many other generous donors. Scholars will receive a $2,000 stipend as part of the program. This program will provide students with the ability to work individually and collectively on some of the biggest problems facing the country and the world today in the wake of the global pandemic.

Through this innovative program, students will gain hands-on experience working with the Center for Politics and their partner organizations focused on public service at the University of Virginia. They also will have access to additional resources, such as webinars with policymakers, non-profit leaders, and other guests. Additionally, dozens of University alumni will be donating time to serve as career mentors for the students. 

“We call these awardees 22nd Century Scholars because starting this summer and for many years to come, they will be leaders who position our nation and the world for the next century. To make sure we do this right, every one of these 22nd Century Scholars now and in the future will have a UVA Alum designated as their mentor for life,” said Peter Kiernan, chairman of the UVA Center for Politics’ board. “What is most heartening is how many alums have already stepped forward to volunteer to guide these talented young people. We are seeing the UVA family at its very best.”

Those who are excited to support the 22nd Century Scholars program can earmark donations through the Center for Politics’ donor page.