19th Virginia Political History Project Happy 100th Birthday JFK

Since 1998, the University of Virginia Center for Politics has hosted the annual Virginia Political History Project. This year’s theme is “Happy 100th Birthday JFK.” Activities will include the race to the moon, When JFK was elected in 1961, he went to congress and asked to put a man on the moon; a giant obstacle course, JFK believed physical fitness was a very important part of life and strength of the nation; story telling,JFK emphasized the importance of sharing our nation’s voice to other parts of the world. He called this the “voice of freedom, the voice of America”; giant jenga,JFK describes the value of one action and how a single person can have an impact in making a difference; tie dye t-shirts, JFK wanted the world to peacefully respect different ideas that came from different people; team building, JFK effectively worked with his team to think of a solution for many rising problems.