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The UVA Center for Politics regularly provides news and hosts events where everyone can come together to find common ground. Virtually or in person, we invite you to learn more and join us!

Politics Is The Engine We Use To Drive Change

At the UVA Center For Politics, we believe in the value of civil discourse for all sides, the promise of education for every citizen, and the power of politics for everyone in our ever-evolving democracy.

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UVA Center for Politics
UVA Center for Politics
Center for Politics UVA Events

The Only Way Forward Is Together. Join Us.

Engaging, entertaining, inspiring, and inclusive. The events hosted by the UVA Center for Politics are designed to bring everyone together for a common purpose: a more informed and engaged citizenry.

To Continue The Hard Work , We Need Your Support.

Real progress takes time, dedication, and experience. It also requires your support to encourage the education of tomorrow’s civic leaders and instill in them the ethical ethos necessary for fair, equitable political progress.

Center for Politics
The Center for Politics

A source of new ideas, innovation, and respectful relationship building between political ideologies.

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Civic Education

We prioritize dialogue, respect, and civility to drive action and positive change.

We stack the blocks of a more informed and involved electorate to build a healthier democracy.

The UVA Center for Politics Ambassador Series opened on the first day of class during the 2014 fall semester with the hosting of His Excellency Sergey Kislyak, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States. This event took place in the midst of the Ukraine crisis, attracting an audience of over 400. Since that time thousands of University of Virginia students, faculty, staff, and members of the Charlottesville community through the Ambassador Series have received the opportunity to engage with ambassadors from around the world. The Ambassador Series provides the opportunity to learn about the relationships between our countries and directly engage with leaders on the world stage.

Ambassador Series

The American Democracy Conference presented by the UVA Center for Politics in partnership with the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy offers an engaging and informative event centered around political discussions and public policy issues. This program offers a unique opportunity to engage with political and policy experts, gain insights into pressing issues, and connect with individuals who are deeply involved in the world of politics and public policy. It's an event designed to inform, inspire, and foster meaningful discussions on matters of national and international importance. Learn more about the American Democracy Conference

American Democracy Conference

In a world facing unprecedented political and social challenges, the UVA Center for Politics and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy present "Democracy in Perilous Times", a beacon of hope and collective action. This ongoing symposium series brings together renowned figures and international delegations to discuss critical issues, fostering civic engagement and empowering future leaders. Join us as we navigate these challenging times and shape a brighter future.

Democracy in Perilous Times

Established in March 2009, the Global Perspectives on Democracy (GPD) program of the Center for Politics is designed to foster citizen-to-citizen dialogue between the United States and other nations. GPD hosts international politics and civic engagement related exchanges and public events in partnership with the U.S. Department of State and other non-governmental organizations. This interactive program which includes groups of all ages from high school student leaders to high level government officials promotes core aspects of citizen engagement.

Global Perspectives on Democracy

We work to inspire the next generation of leaders to become more involved citizens. As a Student Intern with the UVA Center for Politics we provide immersive learning opportunities where students will be paired with University alumni, gain public-sector work experience, and personalized career counseling during the course of this 5-week program.

Student Internship

The Virginia Political History Project focuses on the rich political history, policy, and political leadership of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Beginning in 1998 with the Center’s founding, the annual Virginia Political History Conference has taken many forms over the decades including multi-day annual summer conferences, many of these conferences also serve as settings for our ongoing PBS series “No Higher Honor” focused on modern-era Virginia governors and landmark events in Virginia history.

Virginia Political History Project

The Youth Leadership Initiative, (YLI), is a program of the UVA Center for Politics that develops FREE education resources designed to assist civics teachers, and encourage students to participate in the political process. YLI is specially designed to encourage a lifetime of civic engagement for the next generation through innovative technology-based projects that bring the American democratic process to life in classrooms across the nation.

Youth Leadership Initiative
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