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Vermont Races

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Vermont (Open Seat)

Outlook: Solid Independent

July 10, 2006 Update:

July 10, 2006 Update:

Bernie Sanders will win this race easily. As everybody knows, even though he sits with the Democrats, he is a Socialist. The running national joke on the Vermont Senate races goes as follows: “Why are Vermonters electing a Socialist to the Senate? Because no Communist was available!”


Latest Update:

Whereas Connecticut’s Democratic Senate primary saw an incumbent fruitlessly begging and pleading for his party’s renomination only to mount an independent general election bid, last week’s Vermont Democratic Senate primary actually saw an independent win the Democratic nomination against his will! Self-proclaimed socialist Congressman Bernie Sanders is an overwhelming favorite to win a promotion to the upper chamber against GOP businessman Richard Tarrant, and Harry Reid‘s Senate Democrats have no reason to fear: both New England Indies will count organizationally towards the party’s bid for 51 if they win.


Senator Jim Jeffords (I/D) would have been reelected easily, since he is a hero in Vermont, due to his 2001 decision to change party affiliation and give control of the Senate to liberals and Democrats. But, Jeffords has decided to step down, and his most likely successor is a fellow Independent/Democrat, the sole Vermont U.S. House member, Bernie Sanders. Sanders is technically a Socialist, but with former Vermont Governor Howard Dean as the DNC chair, it is highly likely that the Democrats will unite behind Sanders and make him a strong favorite.

The Republicans seem to be leaning to business CEO Richard Tarrant, who can self-fund. In this left-leaning state, however, a socialist has a much better chance than a CEO of capturing a Senate seat.

This race leans Independent/Democratic.


Richard Tarrant – Republican – Second Quarter Raised: $2,274,964 | Cash on Hand: $848,021

Bernie Sanders – Independent – Second Quarter Raised: $1,006,697 | Cash on Hand: $2,031,393

Craig Hill – Independent – marketing consultant, 04′ nominee, affiliated with the Green party