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2020 Electoral College Ratings

Updated: July 14, 2020

Crystal Ball Democratic VP rankings

Updated: July 31, 2020

Candidate Key VP Advantages Key VP Disadvantages
Kamala Harris
Senator, CA
•Often seen as Obama 2.0
•Prosecutorial ability could serve her well in VP debate
•Plausible future president
•Experience on big stage, vetted to more of a degree than many other VP contenders
•Too inevitable?
•Time as local DA, state AG may turn off liberals, who already may be wary of Biden on criminal justice reform
•Disappointing presidential campaign
•Sometimes tries to be all things to all people
Val Demings
Congresswoman, FL
•Police background may help defuse Trump’s “law and order” message
•May be perfectly suited for the moment
•Has turned in strong House election performances
•From electorally vital Orlando area
•Untested on national stage, not much elected experience
•Little-known nationally
•Does she have baggage from time as police chief?
•May not carry FL for the ticket, probably is not well known statewide
Tammy Duckworth
Senator, IL
•Inspiring life story as double amputee
•Military background could give her crossover appeal
•Succession in the Senate not an issue
•Safe pick
•Has kept a low profile in the Senate
•Biden won’t need help carrying IL
•Safe pick
Michelle Lujan Grisham
Governor, NM
•May energize Hispanic voters in states beyond NM
•Brings geographic diversity
•Wouldn’t pull the ticket too far left
•Criticized as too cozy with big pharma
•Never won an especially tough general election
•Though Trump is targeting it, NM is not central to Electoral College
•Little previous national platform
Keisha Lance Bottoms
Mayor, Atlanta
•Strong speaker and presence
•Could help in electorally-important Metro Atlanta
•Potentially good fit to address important issue of racial disparities in policing
•Early, aggressive backer of Biden in primary
•No federal or state political experience
•Might not be perceived as ready to be president
•Largely unvetted
•Connected to former Mayor Kasim Reed, whose administration has been under investigation
Elizabeth Warren
Senator, MA
•Focus on economic inequality may be timely
•Olive branch to progressives
•Could help with youth enthusiasm
•High name recognition
• Hardcore Sanders supporters don’t trust her
•May not do much to energize minorities
•Could at least temporarily jeopardize Democratic control of her Senate seat
•Not ideologically “simpatico” with Biden; they could clash in White House
Susan Rice
former U.S. National Security Advisor
•High-level executive branch experience
•Familiarity with Biden, top-level Democrats
•Experience with media pressure
•No campaign or elected office experience
•Foreign policy focus in a domestic policy-focused election
•Risks re-litigating Obama-era foreign policy (e.g. Benghazi)
Tammy Baldwin
Senator, WI
•Led her state ticket in 2018
•Broadly acceptable to all wings of party
•First openly LGBT senator
•WI arguably a must-win state for Trump
•Her successor would be chosen in a 2021 special election
•Very liberal record in Congress
Gretchen Whitmer
•Popular governor from vital state
•Only 48 but has nearly 20 years of elected experience
•Pandemic has given her a higher profile and good approval ratings
•Optics of tapping a governor from a state struggling with the pandemic
•May have baggage from handling of crisis
•Has held executive office less than two years
•No federal experience
Gina Raimondo
Governor, RI
•Competent record as governor
•Would be 49 on Inauguration Day, so could be a Biden successor
•No-nonsense approach, centrism may appeal to suburban women
•Some of her reforms were criticized by the left; unpopular for much of tenure
•Won’t excite minority voters
•Private equity work may be suspect
•No federal experience
•Little-known nationally
Karen Bass
Congresswoman, CA
•Brings racial diversity, emphasis on racial justice
•A voting record progressives will like
•Extensive state and federal experience
• Untested and unvetted on national stage
•At 66, not really a ‘bridge’ to the future
•Some past comments were seen as pro-Fidel Castro

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