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John Kerry

In the spring of 2003, many Democratic party insiders, when forced to name the “real” frontrunner, picked John Kerry. It’s obvious why. He’s fairly experienced (on his fourth Senate term), a Vietnam vet, matinee-idol handsome, and policy polished. Did we mention fabulously wealthy, thanks to his second marriage to Teresa Heinz (who, just in time for campaign season, decided to “Bill” herself as Hillary Rodham Clinton…er, Teresa Heinz Kerry, to appeal to more traditional voters)?

However, there were nagging doubts about Kerry. He wants to be the new John F. Kennedy, whose hair, state, and initials he shares. Others fear that he will simply be the new Michael Dukakis, under whom Kerry served as lieutenant governor in the early 1980’s.

The primary/caucus season witnessed Kerry’s resurgence, and his ascent to the frontrunner position and now finally the nominee. For more on the developing Bush-Kerry race, check out the E-Mail Updates section.


John Kerry ran for Congress in 1972, but lost in a district carried by George McGovern. Following the defeat, he graduated from law school at Boston College and worked as a prosecutor. In 1984, after winning election as Lieutenant Governor in 1982 (Mike Dukakis’s runningmate), Kerry was elected to serve in the United States Senate.

Senator Kerry was re-elected in 1990, 1996, and 2002. Now serving his fourth term, Kerry serves on many influential committees, including the Senate Banking and Small Business committees. Also, Kerry made the short list of Gore’s Vice President running mates in 2000.