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Tweets of the Week

The Crystal Ball’s new feature, Tweets of the Week, showcases some highlights from the past week in politics. Read more analysis from University of Virginia Center for Politics Director, and Crystal Ball founder, Larry Sabato on Twitter here.

1:24 PM Jul 16th: Today the Richmond Times-Dispatch apologized editorially for its role in Massive Resistance. Late but welcome and heartfelt. Worth reading.

8:42 PM Jul 17th: Just returned from Massive Resistance event. Absolutely moving. Some wounds are still there after 50 yrs. Will air on C-SPAN–see listings.

8:48 PM Jul 17th: Appropriate that Cronkite died when we are commemorating 40th anniversary of moon landing. He was our guide and his enthusiasm was infectious.

8:33 PM Jul 18th: Could health care be the Waterloo for 2 D POTUS? Like Clinton, Obama is finding that health care is as much a 3rd rail as Social Security.

8:36 PM Jul 18th: Obama’s advantage is Clinton’s ’93 disaster. If he scales back and adjusts proposal, reducing tax bite and debt, Big O might still pull it off.

1:17 PM Jul 19th: God is making Sanford “a better and more effective leader.” What a crock! Where’s the period of penance OUT OF OFFICE before forgiveness?

1:18 PM Jul 19th: Count on the gullibility of SC voters to give Sanford a pass. Meanwhile, he draws a paycheck for no work. Sounds like a welfare queen to me.

11:07 AM Jul 20th: So far in ’09, an odd role reversal has happened. NJ is heavily Blue, but Christie (R) is doing better than McDonnell (R) in Purple VA.

11:10 AM Jul 20th: GOP is so desperate for win in NJ they let Christie endorse Sotomayor. If McDonnell tried that in VA, he’d be incinerated by R right-wing.

5:03 PM July 21st: In NJ Chris Christie is getting raves for picking Kim Guadagno for Lt. Gov. She checks lots of boxes for GOP.

6:09 PM July 21st: If Christie and McDonnell are the kinds of R’s who can win, the nuts pushing the ‘Obama’s-not-a-citizen’ line are the opposite. Get over it!