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Tweets of the Week

The Crystal Ball’s new feature, Tweets of the Week, showcases some highlights from the past week in politics. Read more analysis from University of Virginia Center for Politics Director, and Crystal Ball founder, Larry Sabato on Twitter here.

11:40 PM Jul 23rd: Combine Sanford with today’s NJ arrests and lots of other recent events. Conclusion: The voters usually deserve what they get.

9:46 AM Jul 24th: NJ GOV: Corruption arrests cannot possibly help Corzine. He’s too rich to be corrupt, but he’s the incumbent, and this feeds ‘time 4 change’.

9:49 AM Jul 24th: Meanwhile, VA GOV: Strange ballet of endorsements is on stage. So very Virginian–all about the elites and their choices. Seen it all my life

12:24 PM Jul 25th: I doubt a governor spends a total of 4 days of a 4-year term working on the traditional “hot button” issues. But they dominate debates.

1:55 PM Jul 26th: Many GOVS are in trouble for 2010. Deval Patrick (D-MA) is one. His polls are south of the border. His pal POTUS will help with the rescue.

2:04 PM Jul 26th: For the first time since CA became a state (1850), it will likely lose a House seat and electoral vote after the ’10 census. CA, here we go.

7:39 PM Jul 26th: Palin is sticking to the ridiculous line that her resignation is a great triumph for her, Alaska, and all people of good will. Malarkey.

7:45 PM Jul 26th: Long and short: For all the talk about “President Palin”, there’s a much greater likelihood she’ll never be in major elective office again.

6:59 PM Jul 27th: VA GOV: Tiebreaker factor remains Obama. If POTUS polls are below 50 by 11/09 in VA, Deeds is in trouble. Off-year jinx since ’77 is real.

9:34 AM Jul 28th: As expected, few GOP votes for Sotomayor. But on Supreme Court, it’s the same as an election: You have all the power regardless of margin

12:17 PM Jul 28th: Infirm people are excluded from IA caucuses. Almost all IA military personnel can’t vote. IA system doesn’t deserve its first place status.

10:26 PM Jul 28th: I’m fascinated by Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano, who set speed record for corruption indictment, after just 3 weeks in office. 1 gold star.