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Crystal Ball House Outlook

A Glance Inside the House Crystal Ball

Republican Held Seats in Play: 63 (169 Safe/Solid R)

Likely R (17) Leans R (18) Toss-up (16) Leans D (12) Likely D (0)
CA-04 (Doolittle) AZ-01 (Renzi) CT-02 (Simmons) AZ-08 (OPEN)
CA-50 (Bilbray) AZ-05 (Hayworth) CT-04 (Shays) CO-07 (OPEN)
CO-05 (OPEN) CA-11 (Pombo) FL-13 (OPEN) FL-16 (OPEN)
FL-08 (Keller) CO-04 (Musgrave) FL-22 (Shaw) IN-02 (Chocola)
FL-09 (OPEN) CT-05 (Johnson) IL-06 (OPEN) IN-08 (Hostettler)
IL-10 (Kirk) ID-01 (OPEN) IN-09 (Sodrel) IA-01 (OPEN)
IN-03 (Souder) KY-03 (Northup) KY-04 (Davis) NY-24 (OPEN)
IA-02 (Leach) MN-01 (Gutknecht) MN-06 (OPEN) OH-18 (OPEN)
KY-02 (Lewis) NV-02 (OPEN) NM-01 (Wilson) PA-06 (Gerlach)
NE-01 (Fortenberry) NV-03 (Porter) NC-11 (Taylor) PA-07 (Weldon)
NH-02 (Bass) NJ-07 (Ferguson) NY-26 (Reynolds) PA-10 (Sherwood)
NY-03 (King) NY-20 (Sweeney) OH-02 (Schmidt) TX-22 (OPEN)
NY-19 (Kelly) NY-25 (Walsh) OH-15 (Pryce)
NC-08 (Hayes) NY-29 (Kuhl) VA-02 (Drake)
PA-04 (Hart) OH-01 (Chabot) WA-08 (Reichert)
VA-10 (Wolf) PA-08 (Fitzpatrick) WI-08 (OPEN)
WA-05 (McMorris) TX-23 (Bonilla)
WY-AL (Cubin)
WV-01 (Mollohan)
TX-17 (Edwards)
SC-05 (Spratt)
IA-03 (Boswell) OH-06 (OPEN)
IL-08 (Bean) LA-03 (Melancon)
GA-12 (Barrow) IL-17 (OPEN)
GA-08 (Marshall) CO-03 (Salazar)
Likely R (0) Leans R (0) Toss-up (0) Leans D (4) Likely D (8)

Democratic Held Seats in Play: 12 (191 Safe/Solid D)

The Brutal B – October 26, 2006: +21 to +26 D

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